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"Kids are dynamic.  They are energetic. They don't always fit the mold that traditional school provides.  I founded Dream Academy for these kids - the kids that don't fit. 

The unique and the extraordinary.  The kids that want more.  The kids that need more.  Flexibility.  Independence. Support.

Dream Academy."

Our Tools. Your Rules.


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Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of a Dream Academy Diploma


A Real Diploma and a Real Education


Dream Academy curriculum offers the same advantages of a traditional education.  However, we customize your path based on your needs, leading to a Real High School Diploma


Coaching Support for School and for Life's Challenges


We assign a single Academic and Life Coach to work with you throughout your time at Dream Academy.  One Person.  A Mentor.  A Teacher. A Coach. For Life and School.


Further Your Education, Kick Start Your Career


With our Career Training options, you can finish your diploma while obtaining in-demand skills to start the career of your choice.


Start in Middle School, Focus on Your Future

We are here for the kids that just don't seem to fit the mold for traditional school.  We customize the approach for each student and will get them caught up or challenge them with advanced studies.


Get Ready to Enlist in the Military


Most branches frown upon a GED.  A High School Diploma will help you get to where you want to go.  Our ASVAB preparation will also help get you on track.


Get Your College Work Underway

Dream Academy offers Dual Enrollment with many local colleges.  Start taking college classes while you complete your diploma.

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