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Tuition & Scholarships

Making Private Education Affordable

Financial Policy

Dream Academy makes every attempt to make our school affordable to any student and family.  We participate in all the Florida Scholarship options (Link HERE).  Most families qualify for one of these scholarships, and pay zero out-of-pocket.    

We also may provide private scholarships to families to offset any shortfall in the Florida Scholarship funding.  Additionally, we have a number of payment plans, and even an option to volunteer to offset tuition. 

Please see the link below for scholarship options and to apply.  Please call our office to discuss your specific situation, (727) 900-5186.  No Family or Student will be turned away because of affordability.  

2022-23 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Basic Costs

Tuition $7500

Registration $250

Technology $250

Additional Support Services

(IEP/Diagnosis Specific)

Level 1 Support $2500

Level 2 Support $5000

Level 3 Support $7500


Enhanced Mental Health Services $2500

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