In today's world, a High School Diploma isn't enough.  Employers are looking for more.   All of our graduates will be ready to pursue education or have a set of skills and credentials to obtain an entry-level (or greater) job in a career field or the military.  And most plans can be completed in just THREE YEARS!

Whether its been a struggle academically or with the environment, we offer a fresh start.  With our Intervention and Catch-up Classes, we provide a solid foundation to gain a High School Diploma.

We also offer academically challenging options for those students that excel.  Dual Enrollment and Early College options give students a leg up on their future!

Our Learning Coaches are dedicated to mapping out a path for each student to achieve their Dreams!  Laptops Provided.

The Student Experience

All of our students get a customized course load.  All of our content meets the State Standards and prepares students for their next steps.

Dream Academy offers an NCAA Approved Program to provide initial eligibility for Division I, II, & III Athletics.  Our program offers needed flexibility and outstanding preparation to prepare for college and athletics.  Academic classes are complimented with Leadership and Physical Training to ensure you are fully prepared to reach the next level!  Details...

NCAA High School Timeline

Dream Academy offers a traditional diploma, following the Florida State Standards.   We offer both an 18 Credit accelerated option and the traditional 24 credit options. Students take core (required) courses and have hundreds of electives to choose from.   We match coursework with future plans and goals.  


Through a partnership with Tel Education and York College in Nebraska, Dream Academy offers a Dual-Diploma/AA Degree Program.   Students begin by taking a series of core courses with Dream Academy and then complete their High School Diploma through the YC Academy at York College Online.  The result is An Associates in Arts (AA) Degree and High School Diploma!


Many students look toward a career in the Trades.  Dream Academy has partnered with local trade-based employers to offer apprenticeship programs and education.  Students have the option in their Junior-equivalent year (minimum age 16) to pursue a rigorous combination of education and on-the-job training, leading to a formal apprenticeship in their chosen trade.


Service to country is one of the most noble options for High School Graduates.  Working with recruiters from all the branches, Dream Academy has created a Military-Ready Graduation Track.   Our Military Ready Diploma focuses on Leadership, Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Critical Thinking, while also addressing all of the High School Fundamentals needed for Military Entry and Life-Long Success!


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