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Florida Scholarship Options

Family with Tablet

The Family Empowerment Scholarship

Apply and renew once a year.  Can use for a private school or online school.  Average award is $7,700 (Parent can also apply for a $750 transportation award).

Student Reading Textbook

The Hope Scholarship

For students who have experienced bullying (regardless of family income).  Bullying has to have been reported and documented.  It includes not only bullying but also harassment, threats, intimidation, hazing, battery, physical attack, kidnapping, sexual harassment and sexual assault.  This scholarship remains in place until the student returns to his zoned public school or graduates high school.

autism awareness picture.jpg

The Students with Unique Abilities (SUA) Scholarship

Parents will get deposited the award in a Personal Education Savings Account (ESA) to cover private school education, online school learning, private tutoring, higher education expenses, community college or learning services and materials.  Funds awarded could be up to $10,000 that could be used for tuition and fees for private or homeschool, therapies, tutoring and more.

Happy Kids with Books

New Worlds Scholarship

For students in K-5 who struggle with reading.  It provides a $500 award distributed through an Education Savings Account (ESA).  The award pays for programs and materials designed to boost the student reading skills.

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