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Special Needs

Abilities Program

Special Abilities Deserve a Special Program!

Highly supportive class for our students of varying abilities that require extra level of support. Our abilities class offers a smaller student caseload ratio to enable our caring dedicated special needs learning coach to offer intense individualized attention. Their learning day is filled with fluid transitions moving them from one time/attention appropriate focused activity to the next to best meet their academic goals. Relaxation refocus time is always available with or without sensory soothing items. A class that brings the fun to learning. 

Our Abilities Program Provides:

  • Alternative instructional strategies to accommodate student needs

  • Better use technology effectively in instruction

  • Monitoring of each student’s progress online

  • Deliver focused explicit instruction across all curricular areas

  • Links between instructional objectives and State Standards

If you or someone you know may be interested as a student, don't hesitate to contact us for further information and application. 


Life Centered Education Components

LCE identifies three critical domains for adult living.


  • Daily Living Skills - Teaching students how to manage personal finances (including using credit cards, check cards, etc.), household management, personal needs, family responsibilities, food preparation, citizenship responsibility and leisure activities

  • Self Determination and Interpersonal Skills - Helping  students develop self-awareness, self-confidence, socially responsible behavior, good interpersonal skills, independence, decision-making and good communication skills.

  • Employment Skills - Opening the door to employment possibilities and choices for students in the 21st century, by teaching them appropriate work habits, how to seek and maintain employment, physical/manual skills, and specific job competencies.

LCE divides these domains into 20 competencies and 94 sub-competencies, further broken down by objective. Within each objective are at least three lesson plans that follow an Awareness, Exploration, Preparation (AEP) learning sequence to ensure true content mastery. And many lesson plans have accompanying fact sheets, worksheets and other activities to provide additional engaging and meaningful learning activities.

View the entire LCE Curriculum Matrix to see the depth and breadth of the curriculum as a whole