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Personalized Education Plans

As part of the Florida School Choice Expansion, a new category of learning was created; Personalized Education Plans.  Created to support Homeschool families that want a little more, they also provide an opportunity to partner with an organization to truly customize learning.  At Dream Academy, this means the best of both worlds - the flexibility of Homeschooling, and the support and quality of a Private School.   

Education.  Your Way.

Full Support.  Full Independence.

Dream Academy is here to support students and their families.  We provide the framework, and you provide the guidance.   

Dream Academy's framework ensures that real-world skills are captured while providing the compliance and required testing for the School Choice ESA.

Our framework is agnostic and leaves the content, influence, and values to families.   

Learn more at or call us at (727) 900-5186.

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