Build an Education Program in Your Organization!

Modern Learning

Open a Learning Center

Dream Academy can partner with your organization to create a learning center at your site.  This can be anything from High School completion or full K-12 support.   We train and provide all support needed.  We also provide a revenue share to create an additional stream of income for you or your organization

Create a Learning Pod

Learning Pods have become a popular option during the COVID Pandemic.  Dream Academy can provide the technology, curriculum, training and support for you and your Pod-Mates.  With reduced fees and regular guidance, we can help you create your own Pod.

Computer Class
Lacrosse Team

Support your Team

With our NCAA Approved program, you can take your Team to the next level!  We provide all you need to take on schooling in addition to training and practice! 

Recover Dropouts and Help At Risk Youth

Dream Academy has had significant success in providing a second chance for High School Dropouts.  The Public School System may not be right for some young adults.  Dream Academy can help.  We do not offer a GED, but a FULL HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.  If your organization is interested in helping dropouts or any other special population, we have a solution for you!

Graduation Ceremony