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Why Choose Dream Academy?

Dream Academy provides a unique educational opportunity for all students but especially for students and parents who are looking for more than what the traditional school system offers.  See below for examples of who may benefit best from what Dream Academy has to offer.

Who are Dream Academy Students?

  • Students who are not being successful in a traditional school format

  • Parents and students looking for a Student-Led program

  • Parents requesting immediate feedback from teachers (i.e. no need to wait weeks for a parent-teacher conference)

  • Students who need the opportunity for repeated access to course materials

  • Students looking for an increased variety of courses and options

  • Students who have mental health issues (i.e. Social Anxiety) and could function better in a more controlled, less stressful environment

  • Students who have been bullied in school and need a mental health break from a traditional school setting

  • Students in rural areas who prefer to stay close to home

  • Students who are independent learners and want to work at an accelerated pace

  • Students who prefer a flexible school schedule to accommodate social activities

  • Athletes

  • Students who would like to incorporate college courses and work experience in their high school years

  • Students who would like the opportunity of independent learning as they approach their college years

  • Students who are interested in hands-on, real life course experience, rather than lectures and "studying for the test" curriculum

  • Students and parents who are looking for flexibility and more time with family and friends

If you can relate to any of the above, we welcome you to call us at (727) 900-5186 to discuss your specific situation, and to answer any questions you may have! 

You can also visit our FAQ page, where you will find answers to many questions you already have!

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