Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of school is Dream Academy?

Dream Academy is a Private K-12 School registered in the State of Florida (School Code 9366). We are a Blended Learning School, offering 24/7/365 access, with a series of Learning Centers to provide in-person support and regular contact. We offer a High School Diploma and Associate in Arts degrees, as well as a number of Workforce and Military preparation options.

Can I work totally online? What are the attendance requirements?

All of Dream Academy's classes can be taken 100% online. Our Learning Centers are there to support students who need the in-person approach. Please note: Some Scholarship/Voucher options require specific levels of direct contact between Learning Coaches and Students.

Do I need to pass the FSA or EOCs?

Private schools are not required to administer standardized testing for graduation. Dream Academy does not force students to pass a 'test' to progress. We do not teach to the test and we do not put undue pressure on students. Dream Academy does administer placement and growth assessments, but these are simply to help the students and makes sure we can close any gaps in their education. This also helps us track our success and provide detailed feedback to parents. These tests DO NOT impact progression or graduation.

What are your admission requirements?

Dream Academy does not have any specific standards for admission. We want families to feel that our unique and different approach is a good fit. We accept students from 4yrs old until age 21. All we require is a desire to learn and participate in their education. We accomodate most special needs and do not discriminate on any basis.

How much does it cost?

Dream Academy is a private school with a tuition of $7500/year. However, over 90% of our students receive financial scholarships or participate in the various Florida 'voucher' programs. We do not let cost stop our families. We have MANY options to make Dream Academy a reality. Contact us for details!

What is a Learning Coach?

Learning Coaches are Dream Academy's approach to teaching and support. At the Middle and High School levels, instead of having six separate teachers, changing each year, we assign each student a personal learning coach. This coach is the primary support for the student throughout their career at Dream Academy. Each coach is matched based on personalities and student needs. All of our coaches bring a depth of real-world experience and education to their role. They also have access to some of the best resources available to tackle any subject. They are the academic mentors and life coaches that help our students succeed.

What kind of Diploma do I get? Is it a regular Diploma? Will it be accepted at colleges?

Dream Academy offers a full High School Diploma. We DO NOT offer 'Certificates of Completion' or any other substandard option. All of our programs follow Florida Graduation Requirements. We are currently in process of obtaining Accredidation from Cognia (formerly AdvancED). This should be in place by the end of the 2020-21 School Year. Because we have just reached our third year, we were not eligible to become accredited until now. We are a recognized Private School by the Florida Department of Education, School Code 9366.

Where is Dream Academy located?

Dream Academy has its main campus at 5622 Marine Parkway, New Port Richey Florida. We have a Learning Center in Shady Hills and are expanding across Florida. We currrently have plans for an additional 10 sattelite Learning Centers based on our enrollment. Each center is conneceted with always-on video and is customized for the students' needs!

Can I graduate early? Do I have to attend all 12 years?

Dream Academy is competency-based. You can work at your own pace. If you need additional time, you can have it. If you want to accelerate your schooling, you can do that too! We have a 3-Year Dual AA Degree/High School Diploma option for those students that excel and want to move on to the next steps as quickly as possible. There is no age requirement for graduation, just academic requirements.