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 Meeting Students Where They Are

At Dream Academy we have created a truly customized program to fill gaps and meet students at their level.  There is no forced progression.  No failing.  No falling behind.  Students simply work at their own pace and skill level.  We work to re-engage and support students in "catching up" and reducing stress.

Most families also qualify for one of the Florida  School Choice Scholarship options, which results in $0.00 out of pocket cost for the family.

Our Approach

All Dream Academy students are tested three times a year.  We use MAP Growth testing to identify strengths and deficiencies and to track students' progress.  

Students below grade level are provided supports customized to their deficiencies.  Reading is leveled to ability.  Math is supported through fundamentals and scaffolding.  We do not push students along.  We ensure they are equipped for the next step before taking it.  

Benefits to Students and Schools

Our custom approach is a definite benefit to students, however, public schools can benefit as well.  Transitioning students that are not succeeding in the public school environment helps to save the school valuable resources that can be deployed elsewhere.  No one ever wants to 'give up' on a student and now you don't have to.  There is an option!  

We also believe in and support public schools.  Ask us about our Public School Grant Program!

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