A Message from Our Founder

Jamie Maloney, MBA

"Kids are dynamic.  They are energetic. 

They don't always fit the mold that traditional school provides. 

I founded Dream Academy for these kids - the kids that don't fit. 

The unique and the extraordinary.  The kids that want more. 

The kids that need more. 

Flexibility.  Independence. Support.

Dream Academy."


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About Us

Dream Academy’s Elementary Program (K-6) provides foundational skills needed to learn most effectively.  Our Jr High program (7-8) program will fill any gaps and prepares students for more advanced work.  Our High School (9-12) Academic Paths prepare students for life after High School.


Our Coaches 

Our Academic Coaches take a holistic approach to student success.  Through initial training and required professional development, you can be sure your coach has access to the most current and relevant tools available to guide your individual success. 


All of our Coaches are assigned based on their background and yours. We work to create lasting positive relationships that help our students achieve all of their goals. 


Our Curriculum 

Dream Academy Schools has partnered with the top curriculum providers in the industry. This has given us access to over 500 courses to provide for your choice of education paths. 

Our curriculum partners developed our courses using research-based instructional design protocols and a team of content area experts, to align our courses with national and international standards.

Our career programs are aligned with industry standards and provide the opportunity for post- secondary diplomas and certifications.  Our college-ready program is aligned with college entry requirements.

Scholarships Available!

Most students qualify for one of the many public scholarship options that cover full tuition!


Dream Academy participates in many Scholarship (voucher) Programs.  Give us a call and find out what options are available!

Our Staff

Denise Chapman

 Administrator/Head of School

Denise is our head of school.  She spent several years as a teacher in public school, on all grade levels, with an MA in Varying Exceptionalities.  Denise drives our policies and academic planning while providing support to our Learning Coaches and Students.

Jeff Kendrick

Career Programs

Jeff is an entrepreneur with extensive travel and trade work experience.  He heads our Workforce Development and Apprenticeship program, providing guidance and experience to our students.

Danny Fuller

Jr High & High School Learning Coach

Danny is a thespian at heart and a role model for our older kids.  He brings fresh perspective and a true love of education to each interaction he has.  Danny is also our Tech Lead.

Zach Maloney

Jr High & High School Assistant Coach

Zach comes to us fresh out of school and eager to help!  His unique perspective helps him understand the many challenges of the students.  His knowledge base is fresh, allowing him to support both Danny and our students.

Ashley John

Director, Business Development

Ashley comes to us with a background in the service industry, and great depth in wellness and management.  Her focus is on the growth of Dream Academy and Community Outreach.

Collette Bruner

Elementary Learning Coach

Collette, aka Collie, is our elementary specialist, providing engaging and entertaining interaction with our younger students.  Collie brings a depth of experience and passion to Dream Academy. 

Allyson DiBene

Elementary Learning Coach

Allyson brings youth and energy to Dream Academy and our students.  She has significant depth in life experience. Her focus is preparing Elementary Students for the next steps in their educational career.

Wendy Spivey

Special Needs Learning Coach

Wendy came to us from a long career in Special Needs youth.  Wendy is the head of our ASD K-3 program and brings passion and caring heart.

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