Bring Education to Places Without Options.


School in a Box

School in a Box is an international initiative to bring K-12 education to the most dispersed sites throughout the world.  

Dream Academy students modify 20 foot shipping containers to customize them for the needs of each community.  Included in each Box are:

  • Computers

  • Satellite Internet

  • Solar Power

  • Teacher Supplies

  • Health, Nutrition, and anything else the community needs!


Boxes are shipped worldwide using existing shipping infrastructure.  We reach both domestic and international locations.  All schooling is provided free of charge by Dream Academy using our accredited curriculum.  A local Learning Coach is trainer to provide hands on support.  In unconnected communities the box also serves as a community hub for access to the internet!

Get Involved!

We are actively recruiting NGOs to partner with as well as connections to under served areas within the United States.  

Each box costs approximately $25,000 delivered.  We are actively seeking partners to provide supplies, sponsorship, consulting or support of students!