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Online Clubs and Outside Activities

Dream Academy will host a number or Online Video-Chat Clubs with topics from Art to Volunteering.  We will also be scheduling regular meet-ups across the country!   Can't make a meet-up? Not to worry!  Dream Academy will also provide a $250 Fee and Equipment Reimbursement for activities in YOUR community!  Contact us for details!


A New Way of Education

At Dream Academy, we do not do things because it is how they have always been done. 


We took the traditional styles of education, tore them down, and built our system from the ground up.


There is consensus that children need to learn certain skills, certain standards.  Some are academic and many are social.   Our approach is skill-based. 

We do not segment students based on age or arbitrary 'grade' level.   We use Skill-Level. 

We create Individualized educational plans, based on skills and recognized standards.

Our students are grouped into Tiers

Little Dreamers (Learning Tier 1): Standards Level 1-4 (Early Elementary K-3) Fundamentals

Big Dreamers (Learning Tier 2): Standards Level 5-7 (Primary Grades 4-6) Reading, Math, Online Learning, and Independence

Dream Makers (Learning Tier 3): Standards Level 8-9 (Junior High 7-8) Civics, Pre Algebra, General Science, Literature and Career Exploration

Dream Builders (Learning Tier 4): Standard Level 10+ (High School 9-12) College, Career, Military, Undecided

Placement and 'Pandemic Learning Loss'

When a student enrolls, the first step is a Math and Language Arts/Reading Assessment.  This assessment helps identify gaps that have occurred though past challenges and strengths that are present to build upon.   

We are fully aware that many students have gaps in skills.  The critical nature of many of these gaps affects learning in many ways.  Quite often a missed skill can have a snowball effect throughout the rest of their school career.   A step back may be needed to shore up these skills, but the benefits far outweigh the extra work.  We work hard to isolate specifics and address any deficiencies.  

The COVID-19 Pandemic had far reaching impacts on our kids.  The buzz has been 'Pandemic Learning Loss'.  While Dream Academy students were able to transition from in-person to remote learning seamlessly, many schools were not as well prepared.  This resulted in a significant setback to the students struggling the most.   Dream Academy's standards-based approach allows not only the 'Pandemic' students to isolate missing skills, but ALL students.  

Safety First
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Online But Not Alone

Dream Academy is an online-first school.   We supply all of the technology to keep you connected.  All students are issued a Chromebook Laptop and are encouraged to embrace technology.  We do have a Learning Center available, with plans for more 'brick and mortar' Learning Centers, as well as a Virtual Learning Center, serving students worldwide. 

Our Learning Centers are open for in-person help, but they are not our only option.  We have some of the latest technology available.  Of course, we do provide Zoom access to Learning Coaches.  We also have a number of tools in place to support our students.  Our curriculum is very interactive.  We continually add video and audio to keep students engaged, and our Learning Coaches are just a click away!

The Coach Approach

Our Academic Coaches take a holistic approach to student success. Through initial training and required professional development, you can be sure your coach has access to the most current and relevant tools available to guide your individual success. 

All of our Coaches are assigned based on their background and yours. We work to create lasting positive relationships that help our students achieve all of their goals. 

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Social Emotional Wellness

Now more than ever, mental wellness of our students is a priority.  All students are introduced to Social Emotional concepts throughout their time at Dream Academy.  All students learn about life and mental wellness.  Our classes include everything from Addiction Awareness to Goal Setting.  We work hard to provide the social-skills needed to succeed as an adult and for the rest of their lives.

Dream Academy Schools’ mission is to implement Individualized Learning Plans for each student while cultivating the emotional, social, and intellectual dimensions of the developing child. The school's supportive environment fosters independent learning and strength of character while committing to placing no limits on what they can achieve.